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DIAMOND, FINE GEMSTONE & JEWELRY BUYER -  Please note: We make an offer to purchase - we do not appraise to purchase 

Sell your unwanted or used fine jewelry to us in a pleasant and confidential environment. McFarlin's will match or beat any other jewelry buyer price for round brilliant diamonds 1 carat or larger, GIA or AGS graded IF to SI2, D-J. We guarantee to pay the highest possible amount based on what our refiners will allow. It is our pleasure to serve you when you are selling your jewelry.  Knowing what to expect to be paid is critical.  Take your jewelry around to other jewelry buyers to get a good feel for what your jewelry is worth.  We know you love your jeweler.  We hope our customers love us as well.  you ask for your jewelers opinoin about value please ask for Fair Market Value. A retail value is based on the jewelry being new.  Any professional appraiser will know how to handle that request.  You will be treated as a valued customer whether you are selling or buying jewelry at McFarlin's.  If you are interested in the utmost privacy, please telephone to make a private appointment. You may also trade-in your used jewelry or diamonds toward the purchase of new jewelry, jewelry repair or jewelry design at McFarlin’s.  It is our desire to be your jeweler when you buy or when you sell.  Isn't that what taking care of your customer is all about? 


After having designed jewelry for 20 years, P. Michael completed the Computer Aided Design classes at The Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California. He also attends workshops to stay up-to-date on changes in digital jewelry design. We count it a compliment that many people tell us they were referred to McFarlin's by someone who was very happy with the design process, our craftsmanship and our ability to put them at ease. You may view his designs on this site or in our showroom. Please do not have jewelry designed by anyone prior to seeing samples of their jewelry design and craftsmanship.   A professional jewelry designer will be more than pleased to accommodate your request.  The beauty of computer aided design is you see a photo quality image of the design before the piece is completed.  Thus, there is no surprise with the finished jewelry.  All phases of jewelry design, wax work, casting, gemstone setting and finish work is completed in our store.  You may see each stage of our progess if you so desire. Our satisfaction assurance program affords you peace of mind.  We sell our designs and remake jewelry for persons throughout the United States and overseas. If you are not located in Amarillo and are interested in jewelry design contact us via email tresa@mcfarlinsjewelry.com


P. Michael McFarlin, owner, performs jewelry repairs on site at McFarlin’s Jewelry.  We've had persons tell us they like the idea of the owner completing their repairs personally.  On site repairs have been completed at McFarlin's since 1989 because it ensures the best possible outcome for our valued customers.  Having a laser welder we are able to repair jewelry containing gemstones that cannot withstand the heat associated with more traditional jewelry repair methods. When your jewelry is repaired by our expert jeweler you will not have a line in the back of your ring, it will not be thin and we will refinish the ring to look as nice as it did the day it was purchased. Not all jewelry stores include checking and tightening all loose stones, re-finishing or rhodium plating when sizing your rings.  If the ring is not refinished there will be an obvious difference in the appearance of the sized ring. Trade-in broken rings, used gold, platinum or diamond jewelry to pay for jewelry repairs.  Unfortunately, because so much sterling is manufactured using unknown alloys, we no longer repair sterling silver not purchased at McFarlin's.  Please note: Pearl and bead restringing is not completed in our store. However, your pearls stay in Amarillo. 


We don't call it custom because there is nothing "custom" about ordering in a ready made mounting and setting your gemstones.  Catalogs are available for shopping, we will find a piece of jewelry in our case that is the same height, width, etc for you to try on to be certain it works on your hand.   You may trade-in broken or unused gold, platinum or diamond jewelry to make a payment or, if you have enough gold, pay completely for your new remount.


We replace batteries and remove links from bracelet style watches (in most cases while you wait). Round crystals are kept in stock at all times.  As a courtesy, we will send our current customer watch(s) to the appropriate service center. A postage deposit is required at the time of drop off.

JEWELRY APPRAISAL (EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 1, 2014 We will no longer appraise jewelry purchased elsewhere. We appraise for insurance replacement and fair market value only)  

Appraisals are completed by the owner, Graduate Gemologist/Fellow of The Gemological Association of Great Britain, P. Michael McFarlin. Current base fee for appraisal service is $95.00 for the first jewelry item (an additional fee will apply to charm and slide bracelets) and $85.00 for each additional appraisal. Because of the need for the utmost in professionalism and accuracy, it is our policy not to give verbal appraisals for insurance purposes.  We do not appraise your jewelry and then purchase.  It is considered unethical to do so because an appraiser can under value your jewelry simply for the purpose of buying at a low price. Please note: jewelry appraisals are not created equal.  Please consider whether you feel a person who has not completed a professional appraisal course nor has passed the examinations associated with gemstone identification would be qualified to appraise your jewelry.  Please note your jewelry is not fully insured under your homeowner's policy unless you have presented a receipt or appraisal to your insurance agent.  If you are looking for jewelry coverage through another source, we highly recommend Jewelers Mutual as they insure jewelry stores and personal jewelry only.  Visit www.perfectcircleinsurance.com .  McFarlin's Jewelry does not sell insurance.



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